Experience coaching

We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome and times when we feel stuck.
Partnering with a certified coach like me can change your life, setting you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfillment

What is coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF)defines coaching as

  • partnering with clients
  •  in a thought-provoking and creative process
  • that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

ICF  is the world’s largest and most recognized organization of professionally trained coaches. Representing executive coaches, life coaches, leadership coaches, relationship coaches, career coaches and more, ICF’s mission is to advance coaching so that it becomes an integral part of a thriving society.

As your coach, I follow the ethical standards set by the ICF. This guarantees you that my behaviour within our coaching relationship will meet these high standards

Working together

Our relationship is set within the boundaries of the ICF ethical standards, but also by ways of working that we will define together.

We will work together in a safe, judgement free and confidential space, where you can express yourself freely and be supported.

The power of coaching is in the questioning. I will ask you questions that may push you out of your comfort zone, that may you feel uncomfortable at first, but ultimately that will help you get greater awareness about who you are, where you want to be and what you have to do to get there.

Together we will identify all obstacles, limiting beliefs, saboteurs that prevent you from shining your light.

You are the expert in your own life. You are resourceful and creative and you’ll find the answers and solutions. I will be here, not to teach you anything, but to let this happen.

I believe that you know deep down what you want and what is good for you. My role will be to let this shine out!

And on this adventure to let your light shine, I will be there to encourage you.