Author: estelle

What’s your monster?

We all have mindset monsters. You have too! Oh yes! Mindset monsters are these little voices that bully you all the time. They are the ones that tell you “you’re not good enough” ; or “are you sure you want to do that? It’s so risky….it’s not you….” Or “ you’ll never manage…” “you are ridiculous dreaming about this. Who do you think you are? “. “You are really a fraud…” “What if they don’t […]

How do I choose a coach?

Shall I choose a coach with the same background as me? from my industry? Or a coach who is an expert in one field or another? Coaching is about helping YOU find YOUR solutions to YOUR problems. For instance, I was a strategist in my company and managed programs, aligned strategies from entities and managed change. What I know being true in this company, maybe won’t help you, because your company, your work is different […]