How do I choose a coach?

Shall I choose a coach with the same background as me? from my industry? Or a coach who is an expert in one field or another?

Coaching is about helping YOU find YOUR solutions to YOUR problems. For instance, I was a strategist in my company and managed programs, aligned strategies from entities and managed change. What I know being true in this company, maybe won’t help you, because your company, your work is different from mine. Of course we’ll have similarities. But don’t count on me to suggest what to do. Because it might not work.

Coaching is about helping you find YOUR solutions that would fit YOUR situations.

And coaching is about strongly believing that every person has the resources in herself to come up with their solutions.

But in the end, you and I both know that it’s not about the solutions themselves. Otherwise, everyone would get a self-development book or a management book and would apply their principles and it would work! But everyone is different! And the difference lies in the feelings we have when we come up with our solutions and what is deep down to give us the strength (or not) to move forward.

So how do we tackle these feelings? This is where you can trust your coach expertise. He/ She will be the one to act like a mirror to you, so you can be aware of your strengths, your weaknesses, new opportunities and how you can activate them. With the help of your coach, you’ll be able to shed a light on some of your strengths or objectives that were staying in the shadows.